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McNewton is constantly looking for bright individuals that can contribute to our mission of creating value and sustained competitive advantage for our clients. If you are a graduate, newly qualified or experienced professional doesn't really matter. Our strong MBA training program will competently transistion you to the business world and we have positions that suit your current performance level as well as the next step on the career evolution ladder.                                                                                                                              McNewton: Creating our business around talent.

McNewton is looking for exceptional people that shows an ability to walk the talk and to transfer qualifications into capability and competency for the benefit of our clients. Value creation by execution and implementation ability is a key characteristic for McNewton employees. We search for true dedication and professionalism in candidates - that you have top academic results is just something we expect. If you have strong competencies within some of the below disciplines you can be the one we are looking for.


  • Executive Level Strategy Formulation and Implementation in Board and Executive team.
  • Leadership, General Management and Board activities.
  • Change Management and Business Transformation.
  • Investments and M&A Strategy.
  • Buy Side and Vendor Due Diligence.
  • Program Management and Project Management.
  • Corporate Finance.
  • Contract Management and Negotiations.
  • Operations and Procurement.
  • Technology and Innovation.
  • Problem Solving and Analytical Mindset.
  • Hypothesis Creation and Testing.
  • Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Closing Complex Projects on Time.
  • Value Creation through Listening, Motivating, Guiding, Inspiring of People on all Levels.
  • Collecting, Analyzing, Recommending and Concluding from Data.
  • Applying Research Philosophies and Scientific Methodologies.

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